17-136 Resolution to contract with CEC for Graceworks site work 

17-135 Resolution appointing Shelly Schultz as Fiscal Officer 

17-134 Resolution approving 2018 Temporary Appropriations 

2018 Temporary Appropriations



17-133 Resolution appointing Julie Vonderhaar as TID Alternate 

17-132 Resolution authorizing BOE to manage Greenlawn Water Shed Study 

17-131 Resolution to consider MI Homes Zone Change 

17-130 Resolution naming Sunesis for demo bid 

17-129 Resolution appointing Joe McAbee to the TID Board 

17-128 Resolution to approve hiring of PT Fire employee 

17-127 Resolution approving contract with Zoll 

17-126 Resolution approving contract with Miami Valley Crime Lab 

17-125 Resolution approving indigent burial 

17-124 Resolution approving Dr. Mital to Land Bank 

17-123 Resolution approving promotion of Brandon McCroskey to Sargeant 

17-122 Resolution appointing Deputy Fiscal Officer Patty Moore 

17-121 Resolution authoring tire purchase for engine in FD 

17-120 Resolution authoring repairs for engine in FD 

17-119 Resolution advancing money to TIF Fund 2903 

17-118 Resolution repaying advance from Bullet Proof Vest grant 

17-117 Resolution repaying EMS Grant Advance 

17-116 Resolution amending appropriations 

17-115 Resolution authorizing raise for Dianne French 

17-114 Resolution to include base work in 2017 paving 

17-113 Resolution for pre-engineering on Princeton Road 

17-112 Resolution regarding Greenlawn Watershed Study 

17-111 Resolution to repay advance for Litter Management Grant 

17-110 Resolution authorizing new windows for Police Building 

17-109 Resolution authorizing equipment for police vehicles 

17-108 Resolution for nuisance and abatement 

17-107 Resolution hiring Chuck Goins as Zoning Administrator 

17-105 Resolution appointing Mike Oler to the FTZA Board 

17-104 Resolution promoting Doug Lanier to Police Captain 

17-103 Resolution authorizing raise for Patty Moore 

17-102 Resolution moving Jason Austerman from FTZC alternate to permanent member 

17-101 Reappointment of Donna Irving to FTZA 

17-100 Resolution regarding signing for Graceworks property 

17-99 Resolution regarding Reimbursement Regulations 

17-98 Resolution authorizing reinstatement of PD employee Tina Coy 

17-97 PD Authorization to use OACP for Sergeant position 

17-92 Amend Appropriations 

17-91 Resolution to Disperse 25% TIF Payment to FF Schools 

17-90 Resolution to Hire 3 Part Time Fire 

17-89 Assess Properties for Nuisance Abatement 

17-87 One Year Moratorium on Medical Marijuana 

17-88 Then & Now PO to Landview Services 

17-86 Resolution authorizing raises for Asst Fire Chief and for Captain 

17-85 Resolution approving raise for Fire Chief 

Resolution 21-84 approving additional sewer repair work on Dust Commander 

17-84 Resolution Adopting Credit Card Policy 

17-83 Resolution adding Winford to 2017 Paving List 

17-82 Resolution to re appoint FTZC Alternate 

17-81 Resolution to reappoint FTZC Alternate 

17-80 Resolution authorizing purchase of two electric fans for FD 

17-79 Resolution authorizing employment of three fire fighters 

17-78 Resolution regarding M2M Bike Trails Donation 

17-77 Resolution authorizing purchase of snow plow truck 

17-76 Resolution authorizing camera system for Service Dept 

17-75 Resolution creating Noise Ordinance 

17-74 Resolution authorizing formation of Parks Committee 

17-73 Resolution hiring Police Chief Robert Chabali 

17-72 Resolution regarding Administrator's Contract 

17-71 Resolution for Indigent Burial 

17-70 Resolution for nuisance properties 

17-69 Resolution regarding Durapatch work 

17-68 Resolution to approve Tax Budget 

17-67 Resolution to advance funds for Litter Mgmt Grant 

17-66 Resolution to repay funds from grant advancement 

17-65 Resolution to pay OTARMA 

17-64 Resolution declaring nuisance properties 

17-63 Resolution to amend permanent appropriations 

17-62 Resolution to repay an advance to GF from TIF 

17-61 Resolution regarding 2017 paving through Butler County 

17-60 Resolution regarding nuisance properties 

17-59 Resolution hiring Service Dept employee 

17-58 Resolution allowing TID to work on Princeton Rd project 

17-57 Resolution approving raise for Service Dept employee after probationary period 

17-56 Resolution regarding nuisance properties 

17-55 Resolution authorizing three Ford Fusions for PD 

17-54 Resolution authorizing equipment for Police vehicles 

17-53 Resolution authorizing tennis court repair 

17-52 Resolution authorizing purchase of 15 FD helmets and boot sets 

17-51 Resolution hiring Firefighter 

17-50 Resolution hiring firefighter 

17-49 Resolution to purchase two police vehicles 

17-48 Resolution to post for Police Chief position 

17-47 Resolution to pay TIF distribution to Fairfield Schools 

17-46 Resolution allowing carpet purchase for Fire HQ 

17-45 Resolution allowing FD to be painted 

17-44 Resolution to hire firefighters 

17-43 Resolution authorizing Beaty Lane repair 

17-42 Resolution allowing agreement for public infrastructure 

17-41 Resolution allowing Agreement of Sale (Graceworks property) 

17-40 Resolution establishing Social Media Policy 

17-39 Resolution establishing Park Naming Policy 

17-38 Resolution establishing Public Records Policy 

17-37 Resolution to equip Police vehicle 

17-36 Resolution to equip Police vehicle 

17-35 Resolution to purchase pickup truck for Fire Department 

17-34 Resolution authorizing Spring/Summer newsletter 

17-33 Resolution allowing Police Chief to hire patrol officer 

17-32 Resolution to contract with Butler County for salt 

17-31 Resolution authorizing durapatch work 

17-30 Resolution authorizing TIF creation 

17-29 Resolution authorizing 2nd amendment to JEDD 

17-28 Resolution approving zoning case FTZC17-1C 

17-27 Resolution approving purchase of turnout gear for Fire Department 

17-26 Resolution creating position of Police Chief 

17-25 Resolution approving travel 

17-24 Resolution to advertise for Zoning Inspector 

17-23 Resolution to hire Firefghter 

17-22 Resolution authorizing appraisal services 

17-21 Resolution authorizing pre-engineering of Princeton Road 

17-20 Resolution approving 2017 Permanent Appropriations 

17-19 Resolution for a Then and Now to BC Engineer 

17-18 Resolution to purchase Bobcat broom attachment 

17-17 Resolution to purchase Bobcat ditch bucket attachment 

17-16 Resolution to purchase pressure washer for Service Department 

71-15 Resolution to contract with Legend Webworks for IT 

17-14 Resolution to continue contract with Careworks 

17-13 Resolution regarding nuisance properties 

17-12 Resolution assessing nuisance properties 

17-11 Resolution supporting M2M Bike Route Project 

17-10 Resolution to hire firefighters 

17-09 Resolution allowing part time status for Zoning Inspector 

17-08 Resolution authorizing raises 

17-07 Resolution Designating Roads for 2017 Paving 

To view 2017 Paving List Click Here


17-06 Resolution for Miami Valley Crime Lab for PD 

17-05 Resolution for Nuisance Abatement 

17-04 Resolution to hire in FD 

17-03 Approve purchase of Active Shooter Vests 

17-02 Resolution to advance funds for Bullet Proof Vest Grant