Report a Nuisance or Violation

Report a nuisance property. 

This includes high grass and vegetation, junk vehicles, and trash in yards.


Once reported in Gov Pilot the concern is shared to the Zoning Department.  The process begins with an inspection by the Zoning Inspector where pictures will be taken and stored to file.  Attempts will be made to knock on doors or leave courtesy notices via door hangers.  If voluntary compliance is not achieved than official notices begin and a violation property can be brought before the Board of Trustees for resolution.  If a resolution is passed with no compliance the Township is legally authorized to take action to repair violations and then assess taxes.  In certain cases the Law Director is needed and cases are taken to court.


For immediate concerns please contact Nick Armstrong at or 513-785-2293


*Please note that the goal of nuisance resolution is to foster a spirit of cooperation with residents and property owners.  Maintained properties benefit the entire community and assist in property value for all.  The Zoning Department makes every attempt to work with and alongside all residents.