Joint Economic Development District


In 1996, Fairfield Township established a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) with the city of Hamilton to provide a source of funding for infrastructure improvements. In 2004, an amendment was made to the JEDD which incorporated additional areas., thus increasing funds while protecting from annexation.

Infrastructure improvements help promote and sustain commercial development within the area. In today's environment, local governments (Townships) are expected to fund a much greater share of infrastructure projects due to lack of available funds at the state and federal levels. A JEDD allows for townships to partner with a municipality (or municipalities) to corporate an income tax on a specific area of the township

The income tax percentage collected for the Hamilton /Township JEDD is 2%. Fairfield Township is excited about the shared benefits of the JEDD including high-quality economic expansion, increased employment opportunities, and improved access to goods and services for area businesses and residents. The JEDD agreement exemplifies regional cooperation and local initiatives. We believe that the JEDD area is a strong and viable economic engine for Fairfield Township, Butler County, and all of southwest Ohio.

The link above explains both the original JEDD and the amendment and includes maps of the JEDD areas.