Zoning Boards

Fairfield Township Zoning Commission

The Fairfield Township Zoning Commission consists of five members appointed by the Township Trustees. The Zoning Commission is a legislative body that reviews cases related to zone changes, Planned Unit Developments and Resolution Text Amendments.

The Zoning Commission meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M., as needed, at the Fairfield Township Administration building, 6032 Morris Road.

Current members
Name   Title Date Appointed Term Expires
Peter Bohrofen   Chair 04/27/2016 01/31/2026
Greg Philpot   Vice-Chair 01/0/2014 01/31/2024
Dee Dee Ollis   Member 01/24/2018 01/31/2025
Cheryl Leadbetter   Member  05/25/2016  01/31/2023
Robert Wilking   Member  12/28/2016  01/31/2022
Bernard Kampsen   Alternate  01/08/2020  01/31/2022

Fairfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals 

The Fairfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals is comprised of five regular members and one alternate. Each member is appointed by the Township trustees. The Zoning Appeals Board is an administrative/judicial body and is responsible for hearing and deciding zoning appeals, authorizing variances, conditional uses. The Board is also responsible for interpreting the Fairfield Township Zoning Map and determining district boundaries.

The regular scheduled Fairfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals meetings will be held on the 4th Thursday of each month, as needed, except for the month of May and December due to Holidays. The meetings will be held at at 7:00 P.M., in the Fairfield Township Administration Building,6032 Morris Road, Hamilton, OH, 45011.

Current Members
Name        Title Date Appointed Term Expiration
Joseph Stratzer     Alternate 04/09/2013 01/31/2022
Karla Chaney   Member 06/13/2018 01/31/2024
Michael Oler   Member 10/25/2017 01/31/2026
Jim Lupidi   Vice Chair 01/20/2016 01/31/2025
Steve Weeks     Chair 01/03/18 01/31/2023
 Denise McCoy   Alternate 01/08/2020 01/31/2022