Road Improvements and Paving Remain a Board Priority into 2020

Posted on: February 21, 2020 2:00 pm

Road conditions and paving have been a priority of the current Board for the past four years.  This trend continues into 2020 with the passage of a Resolution that allows for up to $650,000 in paving, black mat and retrace. To see a copy of the 2020 Paving Resolution Click Here.

With almost 80 road miles, Fairfield Township, like most Townships, faces an ongoing issue with road maintenance.  The Board continues to strike a balance between taking a proactive stance towards paving while also ensuring financial solvency.

Always looking for new solutions, the Durapatch process was introduced several years ago and has been successful in filling sinking laterals along many subdivision streets. The use of Black Mat and Crack Seal have also assisted in prolonging road life so that major roadways and more damaged areas can be improved.

For a list of roads to be paved in 2020 Click Here.

For black mat and retraced in 2020 Click Here.

Curb and Gutter repairs have started and will follow the same roads that were approved for paving.  The Public Worls Department researched pricing and received a price of $31/foot for curb and gutter.  The other pricing included $43 and $66 a foot. Neil and Sons will be in the area to fix curb and gutter before paving occurs.

Jerguson was awarded the paving contact by Butler County and will begin paving in early May.  Paving will begin in West Chester Township and proceed to neighboring communities from there.  We will communicate with the County and alert residents before paving begins in Fairfield Township.