Notice of Contract Available for Professional Design-Build Request for Qualifications (RFQ) & Update on completed RFQ & RFP Process

Posted on: October 28, 2019 11:00 am

Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio, is requesting qualifications (RFQ) from firms for the design/build construction of the project listed below. Interested firms may respond to the listed project in accordance with the content and formatting requirements set forth for Qualification Statements for Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio as outlined herein.


1) Police Department Remodel/Expansion - Click Here for a copy of the RFQ

LISTING OF COMPLETED RFQ (Now in RFP Process for Short listed firm)

An RFQ was recently requested and completed for the project listed herein.

1.) New Fairfield Township Public Works/Service Building - Click Here for a copy of the RFQ that was requested

Three companies submitted and have been ranked by Criteria Engineer, Craig Stephenson, LLC., as follows:

RFQ Ranking for Publics Works Building:

 1) Cincinnati United Contractors     18/20

2) Brumbaugh Construction             17/20

3) Diversified Facility Solutions        15/20

 CUC had the most experience + experience with the Township and site.

Current RFP for Pubic Works Building (To be responded by firms that were short listed by the RFQ process).

 RFP for Public Works Building - Click Here for a copy of the RFP which is due back to the Township by February 14, 2020