Notice and Updates For Public Works Building and Police Department Remodel and Expansion

Posted on: October 28, 2019 11:00 am

The Fairfield Townsip Board of Trustees awarded the Police Remodel and Expansion Project as well as the Public Works Building Project to Cincinnati United Contractors.  This was based on grading and a recommendation by Criteria Engineer Stephenson Consulting.  

A $5 million bank loan is being secured through Huntington Back for use on both projects as well as the GIlmore Widening Road Project.  Gilmore Road Widening work has been designed by Butler County and will soon be bid for construction.  The project will include the addition of a third lane for Gilmore Road, curb, gutter,and sewer, utility relocation, a turn lane into the school land, as well as a public roadway and sanitary sewer for the Fire Department and Public Works Buildings.

The Township thanks all companies who submitted qualifications and/or plans for either building project.


Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio, finished requesting qualifications (RFQ) from firms for the design/build construction of two projects as listed below. Interested firms were asked to respond in accordance with the content and formatting requirements set forth for Qualification Statements for Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio as outlined herein.


1) Police Department Remodel/Expansion - Click Here for a copy of the RFQ

Four companies submitted and have been ranked by Criteria Engineer, Craig Stephenson, LLC., as follows:


1) Cincinnati United Contractors     18/20

2) Brumbaugh Construction             16/20

3) Diversified Facility Solutions       15/20

4) Venture One                               15/20

All four General Contractors will be given an opportunity to submit a RFP.  

Current RFP for Police Department Expansion and Remodel (To be responded by firms that were short listed by the RFQ process).

Click Here for a copy of the RFP for the Police Department Expansion and Remodel Project.



An RFQ was recently requested and completed for the project listed herein.

1.) New Fairfield Township Public Works/Service Building - Click Here for a copy of the RFQ that was requested

Three companies submitted and have been ranked by Criteria Engineer, Craig Stephenson, LLC., as follows:


 1) Cincinnati United Contractors     18/20

2) Brumbaugh Construction             17/20

3) Diversified Facility Solutions        15/20

All three general contractors have been given the opportunity to submit an RFP

RFP for Pubic Works Building (Received by  all three firms that were short listed via the RFQ process).

 RFP for Public Works Building - Click Here for a copy of the RFP which was submitted to the Township no later than February 14, 2020.  All three firms submitted an RFP and they are currently being reviewed for presentation to the Board of Trustees.



Click here for a copy of the RFI submitted by CUC

Click here for a copy of the BCEO Stage Two Gilmore Road Widening Plan


1.  Zoning is not an issue as Fairfield Township owns the land.

2.  Butler County is preparing the plans for the Gilmore Widening on has completed the Stage 2 plans. These will be posted to the Fairfield Township website.

3.  Butler County can provide this information.

4.  The existing sanitary sewer lateral is not being abandoned as a part of the project (not sure about this).  The access road is not a part of the project (temporary access is to be provided), however, the access road is expected to begin construction this year and coordination between the contractor for that work and the services building will be important.

5.  Parking and very basic landscaping will be a part of the project.

6.  The report by Kleingers details their work defining stream impacts (I have not seen the KZF report).  Please note that the awarded design-build team will need to acquire the necessary permits to complete the project.

7.  The services building will house the standard equipment one would expect for a Public Services Building.

8.  The desired clear height shall be a minimum of 24 feet.

9.  Please refer to the schematic provided in the RFP.  The open area on the right (north) will allow for the storage of bobcat(s), lawn mowers, etc.

10. Building will be constructed to adhere to applicable building codes.  Please consider items not required by code to be submitted as options or alternate (if authorized costs).

11. For the purposes of this project the decorative CMU wainscot is to be included (similar to the Firehouse aesthetic).  As a general rule the RFQ and RFP information should be considered together.

12. As a general rule the RFQ and RFP information should be considered together for the RFP response.  The mezzanine over the rooms/office area can be shown as an alternate.

13. Again, the information contained in the RFQ and the RFP are to included in the RFP response.  The information for the outside storage size is included within the RFQ - can show as an alternate.

14. Yes, a training room is required and shall be large enough to accommodate 20 people with tables, chairs, etc.

15. The interior walls will be a combination of CMU and drywall.  The CMU walls will be necessary for protection around the loading bays and equipment storage area.  Stud/drywall construction can be used for the other interior walls.