Fairfield Township Continues to Show Fiscal Responsibility

Posted on: December 23, 2019 1:00 pm

Fairfield Township is in a very stable financial condition with a Aa2 Bond rating.  Since 2013, revenues have outpaced expenses almost every year despite increased staffing, new equipment, and corrected pay scales.  Insurance has held steady thanks to the efforts of Board and Administration with a net positive cost in 2019 thanks to employee use of the Wellness Program which gives money back to the Township. In addition smart economic development has supplemented services and capital equipment purchases.

Every single Township Department has increased in activity and call volume.  Each Department has also updated equipment, mission statements, patches, and logos, making Fairfield Township the most productive and contemporary in its awesome history.  Keeping pace with rapid growth has been a challenge for the Township in the past, but this has changed under the leadership of the current Board.

For the first time in Township history the Service Department has a full time staff of 7 with snow plows for each.  Snow removal has been the best in the area with the county reaching out to see what we do!  Other new items for Service include a new dump truck, zero turn mower, a tractor with attachments, utility trailer, and Bobcat attachments.  Use of Durapatch to prolong road longevity has been added in recent years and supplemented a very aggressive paving plan.

Even with the many improvements and additions mentioned above the General Fund has increased and remains stable into 2020 with additional growth expected in 2020.  Carryover from 2019 is over $14 million which is the most it has been in over 5 year. The Board continues to monitor all purchases and bills closely while pushing for improved services and economies of scale. 2020 will continue the commitment to remain fiscally responsible.