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Aggregations Programs

Fairfield Township voters passed both gas and electric aggregation opt-out programs for the Township.  At this time, there are a total of 3,161 resident participants and 77 business participants. For residents and businesses who would like to opt into/enroll in the aggregation programs, please call the toll-free # : 1-866-711-6257


Additional gas aggregation facts:

Plan of Operation and Governance for Gas Aggregation

February gas price:  $0.4576/ccf vs. Duke at $0.5024/ccf.

GAS:      For prices and questions about the Constellation gas program, residents can go to the link below. 



Additional electric aggregation facts:

Plan of Operation and Governance for Electric Aggregation

ELECTRIC:     For additional questions about the Dynegy electric program or to enroll, call 513-762-8226

Participants = 4,345   Electric price is $0.0549/kwh through November, 2019


For additional information or questions, please call Energy Alliances, Inc. at 794-5555.