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2017 Newsletter

Spring/Summer Edition


Township Government


    Fairfield Township Administration Building
6032 Morris Road
Hamilton, OH 45011
Phone:   513.887.4400
Fax:   513.8877.4405

Fairfield Township’s local government is under the control of a three-person, elected Board of Township Trustees. These trustees serve four-year terms and have a rotating Board presidency. Their decisions are supported by the efforts of an elected Township Fiscal Officer whose staff are responsible for budgetary affairs and record-keeping. Day-to-day Township operations are guided by the Township Administrator, his administrative staff, and department heads. Fairfield Township is an unincorporated civil jurisdiction. Townships are administrative subdivisions of county government and function as a statutory local government. Townships only exercise powers specifically delegated to them by the General Assembly.

Since January 1st, 1992, Fairfield Township has operated under Limited Home Rule, which was voted on by the electors of the Township the previous November.

Benefits of Township home rule include the following:

  1. The Township trustees have expanded legislative authority.
  2. The Township trustees have more powerful means of township resolution enforcement.
  3. The Township is more actively involved in the residential, industrial, and business development for the township.