Gilmore Road Widening Project

September 3, 2020
Gilmore Construction

The Butler County Engineers Office (BCEO) has worked through 2019 and 2020 to assist Fairfield Township in efforts to continue improvements throughout the Gilmore Road corridor between Princeton and Hamilton Mason.  After a thorough engineering and bidding process vetted by BCEO,  Stang Construction was awarded the job of widening Gilmore Road from the Hamilton Mason Round About Project (completed in 2019 in partnership with BCEO and the City of Hamilton) north to Princeton Road.  With the addition of Storypoint Senior Living and Fire Station 212, during years 2017-2019, traffic increased and will continue to so when the Public Works Building is completed, also currently under construction. Already a narrow road, large fire and service department vehicles further highlight the need for road improvements.

Multiple contractors and partners have are continuing to work simultaneously along Gilmore Road.  Duke Energy relocated gas lines.  Stang has had two crews on the job since the end of September adding a middle turn lane to Gilmore. Stang is also adding a drop lane that will allow traffic to turn into the west side of Gilmore Road, granting access to the Fire Station, Public Works Building, and a future Fairfield School Building (land owned by Fairfield Schools with no current plans to build).  Curb, gutter and gravel are installed and paving will occur on November 9 so that the road can be reopened.

Brennan Construction is currently installing sewer lines under the roadway and extend sewer for the Public Works Building.  Cincinnati United Contractors and their subs are also on site as the Public Works Building project moves forward.  The coordination and communication efforts by all parties has been very involved and appreciated by the Township.  Butler County Water and Sewer and the Engineer's Office have been an instrumental support in efforts from start to what will eventually be finish. Watch for great things to come - thank you for patience during closures and waits. Not much longer to go!!!